Your sessions

Treatment, training & coaching for pain and chronic pain in LondonHere is information about your sessions that is useful for you to understand.

All treatment and rehabilitation is based on the latest pain sciences and neuroscience, using a coaching model and the growth mindset.

Session length

The initial assessment is 45-60 minutes and involves a detailed conversation about your pain, injury, the surrounding circumstances when the problem began, the understanding that you have, the treatment so far, past history of pain and health issues and the current situation. This vital narrative provides me with all the information I need to begin planning your treatment, training/rehabilitation and coaching programme. Sometimes this can take the full amount of time, but this provides the basis from where we begin and move forward.

Follow-up sessions are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes depending upon your situation and needs. Often an hour is preferable so that we can have a full session of activities and treatment. It is worth noting that if you are using private healthcare, your insurer may not provide coverage that fully meets your needs. However, I encourage full engagement with the programme for you to reach your potential to overcome your problem.

Early-on we need to establish what you would like to achieve. This guides the activities that I chose for you.

During the session

Sessions are interactive, practical and learning-based — you need to cultivate your own knowledge and skills to overcome persisting pain.

The content will vary depending upon what we need to achieve. A session will typically include:

  • Developing your understanding of your pain and problem(s) that includes the biology and how your lifestyle influences this biology, and a practical element of how to use this knowledge for dealing with your pain.
  • Treatment of the sensitivity, pain and stiffness
  • Specific training, exercises and rehabilitation
  • Mindfulness practice
  • A review and progression of home-based, work-based and sports rehabilitation

** Programmes are usually emailed to you

Between sessions

You are fully supported between sessions by email. I provide phone, Skype and email consultations for those who live further afield.


I am always looking at how to progress you forward in the recovery of all dimensions of pain and injury. I call this ‘nudging’. When you progress, you are fully prepared beforehand with a range of skills and techniques to move on.

One major aim is to progress you into a non-medical phase. This is a great step forward towards normality as you follow a programme of exercise and training that is deemed to be fitness work to prepare you for work, sports and home life activities.

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