Working with consultants & GPs for better care

Dimensions of pain: Affective, Sensory, Emotional

Our aims for patients are to ease their pain, increase their activity levels and significantly improve their quality of life with the development of heathy habits. These aims are achieved with comprehensive treatment programmes that tackle the pain source(s) and the influencing factors.

Specialist Pain Physio Clinics – London & Surrey

Teaming with the referring consultant or GP means that the care and treatment is multidimensional, just as the pain experience is multidimensional. We aim to work closely with consultants and other healthcare professionals who refer to the clinic or when we refer for concurrent input, for example psychology. GPs are often key players in the co-ordination of the relevant services, and indeed we communicate regularly to ensure that the information is up-to-date.

Specialising in pain means that we work closely with a range of specialists including those in orthopaedics (e.g. sports injuries, repetitive strain injury, tendinopathy, arthritis, back pain), rheumatology (e.g. arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia), neurology (e.g. migraines, headaches, back and neck pain, dystonia), gynaecology (e.g. pelvic pain, back pain), gastroenterology (e.g. IBS) and pain medicine (a range of painful conditions often including complex regional pain syndrome, back and neck pain).

We are always keen to develop effective working relationships with specialists and GPs, seeking to create an avenue for struggling patients. If you are interested in this, lunchtime seminars and other training events, please do make contact by emailing [email protected]

* Our clinics are based in Harley Street, Chelsea, Temple and New Malden

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