Video Pain Coaching

Specialist Pain Physio for chronic pain

Video Pain Coaching to reach to you

Video Pain Coaching enables me to reach out and work with people suffering persistent and chronic pain across the UK and the globe.

Pain Coaching, the modern approach to addressing pain, has been designed to help people understand their pain and learn how to improve their lives. We can do this in a very practical way online using my secure system.

Over the past few years, I have worked with people in India, America, Australia, China and all over the UK. We simply agree upon and date and time. In this way, there is great flexibility, which is very popular in the modern dynamic world.

Sessions work in the same way as face to face. We start with an assessment, when you tell me about yourself and your experiences. We can then look at how you move and embody the pain. From there we create a programme that focuses upon your needs and picture(s) of success. Subsequent sessions feature education, practices, exercises, coaching, mindfulness, breathing, relaxation, visualisation, imagery, the skills of being well, habits of peak performance, movement and more.

Each programme is designed for the individual and hence the length varies, depending upon the results that the person wants to achieve. You will be fully supported and encouraged, and after each session, you receive the key notes via an email.

If you are suffering chronic pain or persistent pain or recurring injury, get in touch today and learn how you can move forward and improve your life.

To book your video session please call Jo +447518445493 or email [email protected]

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