#upandrun Pain Points series

Pain Points series this week

In the build up to the Brighton Marathon, I have been posting daily Pain Points. These are the based on the last east understanding of pain, addressing one of the major issues that we face: the misunderstanding of pain.

Why is this such an issue? Because of the millions and millions of people suffering across the globe and the cost to society, when it does not have to be this way. We can change this, but it will take a revision of thinking that in turn drives new actions consistently.

I regularly hear examples of how a person suffers pain so they visit their GP. They are usually given pain relief. Ok, that’s a part of it, but how does the person know what to do themselves to get better? They need that knowledge and practical tools from the outset. That is what makes the difference. Taking pain killers does not address the reasons why the person is in pain, and until these needs are met, there will be on-going suffering and on-going cost. And just in case you were thinking it, I do not believe it is an issue with GPs, but rather one that exists in society and the system.

We need the right information out there, in society

If pain were globally understood, this scenario would be very different. This is my vision and what I am working towards through Understand Pain social enterprise.

Visibility delivers messages. That’s one of the reasons why I get out and run with the logos on my shirt (it’s also good for my health…), using the #upandrun (see me on Twitter @painphysio and Instagram @paincoach.

My purpose is to give people insight into the reasons for their suffering so that they can move on to live a fulfilling life. I want to reach as far and as wide as possible. I see people 1:1 in the clinic, but I want anyone, anywhere to access this information so that they can regain control, feel empowered and start building a better life, with meaning, purpose and connection to what is important. This is the essence of Pain Coaching that I have been pioneering for the past 10 years.

Here are the links to the Pain Points on the Understand Pain site. More will be added so keep checking back. Together we make a better world!

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May 22nd >> free Understand Pain talk in New Malden; tickets here, and in the evening a charity quiz jointly with CRPS UK, tickets here.


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