Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is the first meeting when you have the time and freedom to describe your experience to date using your own language. Your narrative is a key part of the assessment – see the videos below. The narrative is a vital part of understanding your pain experience and how it affects your quality of life that must be put together with any investigations and the examination findings to create a meaning and a route forward.

Dr Rita Charon

Dr Oliver Sacks


Aims of the assessment process

  • Diagnose the condition
  • Identify the type of pain
  • Highlight influencing factors upon the pain such as stress, fatigue and poor health

Please wear comfortable clothing for assessment and treatment sessions that allow for you to be examined and to exercise when appropriate.

You can complete your registration form before your session and bring the form to the initial assessment:

Registration Form

Bodychart - fill in your pain


Outcome Measures

These forms provide us with further information about your pain and guide certain aspects of where we need to target the treatment. Click the link to download and complete.

painDETECT Questionaire

S-LANSS for neuropathic pain

TSK – Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia

PCS – Pain Catastrophising Scale


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