Treatment for pain relief and relaxation

Our treatment programmes target the pain source(s) by working out the type of pain that you have. This is the most modern way of reliving pain and is known as a ‘pain mechanism’ approach. It has been described in the scientific press for medication (pharmacology) and because we love science at Specialist Pain Physio, we adopted the principles. Basically it means that through your description and the examination we can work out the main drivers such as inflammation, the immune system and stress, and the devise personal strategies and treatment techniques to deal with the problems.

Our aims are:

  • To relieve pain
  • To ease suffering
  • Restore activity levels
  • Help return to work, sports and other activities
  • To relieve stress and anxiety related to the pain & injury
  • Reduce the risk of recurring injury & pain
  • Promote health & wellbeing
  • Maximise your potential physically & psychologically

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