#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha and why I post encouragers on a Sunday

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This blog is a brief look at #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha and why I post encouragers on a Sunday.

Using Twitter

The Real Marsha Wright¬†has gathered momentum behind her social media presence on Twitter. You cannot argue with over 563,000 followers. It makes sense then, to post using Marsha’s hashtag on a Sunday, #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha.

I am a regular Twitter user. There are of course pluses and minuses of social media. We must dose ourselves and control our device checking. We know that too much time spent on social media impacts negatively upon our wellness. When I discovered the Sunday conversation dedicated to whipping up encouragement and positivity, I was in. There are some particular reasons why this is a good idea for both the sharer and the readers and retweeters (is there such a word?).

Being an encourager

I was introduced to the concept of being an encourager by a true encourager. Mike Pegg is a true encourager. Spend a few moments in his presence, listen to him speak, read his website or his excellent book, and you’ll understand.

So I have adopted this approach, in my own way (encouraged to do so by Mike of course!). There are many outlets to encourage others: with colleagues, with family and friends, with strangers and via social media. We can do so verbally, using all the skills of deep listening and language use, and the written word. On Twitter, this demands brevity with the limited characters. This forces the tweeter to consider the message he or she wishes to convey in its shortest form, without losing the point.

It’s not just positive thinking. It is positive action that makes a difference

Being an encourager is not just about positive thinking. There are issues with positive thinking in that I can sit in a chair thinking positively yet achieving nothing. Positive action is the key, based on wise thought. And this is not to deny the fact that there are ups and downs in life. However, you can always choose a positive approach to a challenge. This means you look for the best possible outcome for all involved with clarity.

The benefits of encouraging using encouragers

We all share the desire to live a healthy and happy life, free from suffering. Yet suffering is part of life. We can seek to ease our own and others suffering by the way we choose to live life. Being an encourager is one such way.

The multitude of tweets using the hashtag #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha demonstrates the engagement with mutual encouragement. Think about how you feel when you have encouraged someone, or you have been encouraged. That is a boost of wellness you have experienced, as there is a very real biology going on. Everything has a biology: a thought, a feeling, a sensation, a perception, a movement. Being you is biology in action.

We know that to notice positive feelings and emotions through the day results in greater wellness. The secret is to build momentum by practicing. You may need to set some reminders. Especially if you have a tendency to be attuned to what is wrong rather than what is right. This is biology at play of course, and one of protect when one habitually notices things that could be threatening. As momentum builds in that direction, the world looks more and more dangerous. Many people experience this, resulting in chronic illness and pain.

Standing talking with a screen

Talking at the ACPSEM Symposium ’18 at The Imperial War Museum

Simple practices

Here are a couple of simple ways of engaging in the encourager’s way of sharing encouragers:

  1. Start purposefully noticing when you feel positive emotions. They happen each day, but often we don’t realise. Examples include that first sip of your morning coffee, the feeling of warmth from the sun, someone smiles at you, you remember a funny moment. The key is to feeling it then and there, and acknowledge it. A little secret: when you notice the feeling in you, rather than the thought, you will experience how the feeling grows and continues.
  2. Make a point of encouraging someone each day, and feeling it.

As you practice, like anything you repeat, you get better and the feelings build.

There are many ways you can be an encourager. I enjoy the practice with the people who come to see me for their pain and health issues, seeing the results as they engage with their programmes to overcome their suffering. I also enjoy using social media to reach out to as many people as possible across the globe.

How can you be an encourager?

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