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Persisting & recurring sports injuries: Specialist Clinics in London

Do you have a recurring sports injury? Do you continue to experience pain when engaging in exercise? Are you struggling to return to play after an injury or an operation?

This is one of the reasons why Specialist Pain Physio Clinics were set up in London and Surrey. The blight of on-going problems and pain after an injury or pain that has just crept up on you over time. In these situations, the tissue-based model of care does not suffice. In persisting states of pain, there are changes throughout the nervous system and other body systems at play to influence the processing of pain. Our movement changes, our thoughts about movement and exercise change and the pain changes with time. All of these changes require addressing and that is what we do.

Why does it persist?

There are some good reasons that we know of including continued change in movement, on-going guarding and protection, altered processing of sensation and psychosocial factors such as fear of movement, anxiety, negative emotions and beliefs. Addressing these and other issues is fundamental in handing back control, providing relief and moving forwards towards resumption of activities and sports.

What do we do?

Like Sherlock Holmes we look for the clues to your on-going experience and then design a treatment programme to target these mechanisms. We consider the type of pain(s) you are experiencing, the role of influential body systems, your lifestyle factors, your expectations and beliefs, the goals of the programme and other pertinent aspects of the experience. From here we use a range of strategies and therapies to facilitate your active participation in progressing towards your goals. Some of these therapies include mobilising muscles and joints if that is an issue (to guide normal movement and create normal sensation), specific exercises to restore control of movement with enhancements to create the best possible outcome, self-care strategies for day to day living and very modern approaches that facilitate learning and training in the brain (e.g. Motor imagery, sensory discrimination).

Overall we aim to create the right circumstances for your body, brain and mind to resolve the physical, psychological and social issues around persisting pain and injury.

So, if you are struggling with a persisting injury and/or pain, whatever your level of participation or sporting choice, get in touch and we can help you to achieve your goals.

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