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Working with the team

Richmond Stace provides a specialist service for athletes and sportspeople who suffer on-going or recurring pain and injury that involves working with the existing medical and physiotherapy team. Either at one of the clinic locations or at the individual’s training facility, the detailed assessment elucidates the pain mechanism(s), factors that are influencing the pain and maintaining the current status, altered sensorimotor function and behaviours. Subsequently a treatment and rehabilitation programme is recommended. This may include the input of other specialists and health professionals depending upon the needs of the individual.

At the point of recommendation, Richmond can implement the programme or provide the structure for the existing team to follow and progress. Follow-ups in person and via telephone/email are standard to monitor and evaluate the programme.


  • Ease symptoms
  • Restore function & fitness
  • Optimise the outcomes through identification of influential factors (biopsychosocial)

The key points

  • The service is dedicated to the more persisting and complex problems that are affecting an athlete’s  ability to perform or return to sport
  • We work closely with the existing medical team
  • Detailed assessment to determine the nature of the problem and influencing factors
  • Bespoke treatment & rehabilitation programme
  • Regular follow-ups