How do you know where you are? | Neil Burgess speaks


It is useful to know where you are. Neil Burgess spends his time studying this important function by looking at the brain, the hippocampus to be specific. It would appear that the same brain cells that create our sense of where we are and recalling that information for practical use are also at play when […]

Groove is in the brain – watching strictly come dancing to exercise those neurons

Strictly come dancing 2012

Strictly Come Dancing is great entertainment. Increasingly I have been drawn into watching the professional dancers and admiring their immense skill and body control. The precision, posturing and awareness, blending with glamour, grace and such defined movement demonstrates perfectly the art of motion to music. The celebrities have a mix of backgrounds, some clearly having had previous experience of dance. […]

Imagery & Mirrors in the news

Mirror therapy for pain

Many readers will know about mirror box therapy for CRPS and other painful conditions. The Graded Motor Imagery Programme that we use at Specialist Pain Physio is sequential training that starts with laterality, progressing to imagined movements and then to mirror therapy. There is some really good data for the programme and CRPS but it […]