Skype Pain Coaching

Specialist Pain Physio for chronic pain

Skype Pain Coaching to reach across the globe to you

Skype Pain Coaching is available to anyone across the globe who is suffering chronic and complex pain who wants to live their best life. On a 1:1 basis, you will receive the knowledge, skills and know-how for you to practice in your life, where the changes take place for you to achieve success and results.

I will educate and enable you as a strengths based coach, so that you can implement and integrate the practices in your own way. In each session we will follow the Pain Coach principles of understanding, compassion and action, as you discover your way onward with gathering independence and choice.

In seeing you and talking with you about what has happened and is happening, I can observe the way you are moving and using your body. Overall, this allows us to address the important embodied nature of pain together with all the interrelated dimensions of the pain experience: cognition (what you think), emotions (how you feel) and how you perceive your pain. You are a complete person and the approach to pain must also be complete.

“Make each day your masterpiece” John Wooden

Listening to you allows me to create a programme that you can follow in your own way. The content is based upon a blend of what we know about pain together with strengths-based coaching, which is all about getting the best of you. The Pain Coach Programme is full of simple practices that you learn to get results. Managing pain moments in the most effective way, you increasingly lessen the impact, together with building wellness as our greatest buffer to life’s inevitable ups and downs. There are specific exercises, the skills of being well and approaches to living life (doing the things you love to do, and need to do) that you will learn as a means to overcoming the challenge and living with purpose, meaning and joy.

The principles and content are no different to the face to face Pain Coach Programme. Obviously there is no hands on treatment with Skype, however if this is recommended, I can liaise with a local therapist to advise on how hands-on treatment can be part of your programme.

So, if you are suffering chronic pain and are motivated to make changes to live your best life and boost your performance, get in touch now and start your programme of Skype Pain Coaching

Contact us to book your first session: +447518445493 or email: [email protected]
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