new pain?

Chronic pain treatment programmesPain can strike in different ways. Sometimes pain comes quickly, grabbing our attention with a sudden sharpness and other times slowly building up, gradually draining our physical and mental resources. Either way, once pain is a focus, it can be difficult to concentrate upon or perform normal activities.

A new injury — a new pain — an acute flare-up of an old or persisting problem — acute pain post-operatively — acute pain that is part of a condition

In the case of an acute injury, the pain motivates action to protect the damaged area so that healing can begin. Unpleasant as the pain is, it is a normal part of the way the body protects itself along with changes in movement, blood flow and increasing awareness of the affected area.

It is important to understand your injury: what has happened, how it has happened and what you need to do to create the right conditions for the healing process to proceed. These are good reasons to seek advice. Knowing what is normal and how to be proactive in your recovery is very important. There are many techniques and strategies that can be used in the acute phases to optimise healing and ensure a swift return to normal activities.

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