Education seminars and talks are available upon request. The primary aim is to provide those who need and want to understand pain with high quality and modern information. Changing the perception of pain and reconceptualising pain are key components of the treatment programme at the clinic, setting the scene for the strategies and therapies that tackle pain and the surrounding issues. Taking this into the realm of educating healthcare professionals is an important step in developing our knowledge and understanding to benefit patients.

I like to see a range of disciplines and backgrounds for a blend of experiences to be shared within the interactive sections. For example specialists, GPs, physiotherapists, nurses, osteopaths, fitness professionals, psychologists, massage therapists, patients and others who are interested in pain.

Common topics include pain biology, pain and brain, the influences upon pain and contemporary treatments and strategies for pain.

  • Lectures
  • Interactive seminars
  • Lunchtime seminars
  • Sessions for training courses
  • Sessions can be run at your practice, university or training centre

For further information, bookings, fees and administration, please email: [email protected] or call 07518 445493

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