Chronic pain or persisting pain & injury?

Low back pain | persisting low back painThe Specialist Pain Physio Clinics primary focus is persisting, or chronic pain. When pain persists it requires an approach that is comprehensive, addressing the physical, cognitive and emotional dimensions.

Chronic back pain — chronic neck pain — fibromyalgia — repetitive strain injury — recurring sports injuries — tendon injury — widespread aches and pains — CRPS — pelvic pain — IBS — stress & anxiety


The understanding of pain mechanisms (sources) has evolved enormously and as a consequence we have a wide range of techniques and strategies that can tackle the problem and influencing factors such as stress, anxiety, fatigue and general health.

Neuroplasticity is a term used to describe how our nervous system adapts and learns. There are a number of different processes that underpin these adaptations at a molecular level. In essence this means that we have the natural and remarkable ability to change the way we move, think and behave. This characteristic is also responsible for the way in which the nervous system and other body systems continue to protect us. This is the same for pain and anxiety, the latter when our sympathetic nervous system repeatedly responds to ‘threats’ that are not really dangerous as well as to our own thinking — see this blog

Understanding our pain, how we can influence our pain and take control so that we can change our experience is a vital step forward in dealing with chronic pain. At Specialist Pain Physio Clinics, this is the start point. Creating the right mindset through understanding builds a strong platform from where you can move forward, developing and cultivating your health, and re-engaging in normal and desired activities at home, at work and in play. For further information about our comprehensive treatment programmes, see here

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