Recovering well from surgery

Recent research suggests that we are getting closer to being able to predict how well individuals will recover from surgery (Science Translational Medicine, This will be an important step forward, especially if outcomes can be determined by a blood test that predicts recovery times by identifying the immune signature. The results will need to be repeated, but this is an exciting development.

I see many people who underwent surgery and struggled to recover due to pain or the lesser known sickness response. I believe that with careful observation, listening to the patient’s story and a detailed assessment before the operation, we can identify those who are likely to have problems with pain. It is in part the history that provides clues about sensitivity and also how the person is approaching the surgery. Whilst anxiety and concern are natural, if worry takes hold, anxiety affects the immune system and other body systems, potentially diverting their workings towards protection rather than healing. There are effective ways of preventing this from happening with a proactive programme that starts before surgery and then optimises the recovery after surgery.

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