Practical Strategies for Pain

Having practical strategies for pain is one of the fundamental parts of the treatment programme for us. It is not enough to have an exercise programme that is completed twice a day for example, there has to be other aspects to the plan that promote change, learning and development that are felt to be pain relief and improved ability to work and play.

At Specialist Pain Physio Clinics we listen carefully to your experience of pain and injury and then look closely at the way your body is working. This ‘detective’ work leads to an understanding of where the treatment programme must intervene to give you relief. Attention to detail is vital.

The treatment programme therefore includes specific exercises to deal with the problems that we have identified (e.g. poor control of movement, tightness), general exercise advice plus a range of strategies that allow you to manage day to day activites effectively such as the work station, gradually returning to sport, socialising and taking part in family life.

As you progress with the exercise programme compnent it becomes increasingly challenging and it is so very important to have skills and knowledge to continue moving forwards. We will arms you with these skills that optimise your rehabilitation and hence the outcome.

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