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The Pain Coach Programme

The Pain Coach Programme has three forms: for the individual who wants to overcome their pain, for the clinician who wants to develop their practices to work with people suffering chronic pain and for small group of clinicians.

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The Pain Coach Programme is a blend of the latest science and understanding of pain together with strengths-based coaching to address chronic and complex pain. In essence, the coaching gives you the working knowledge and skills to overcome and change your pain to lead a meaningful life. This sits alongside a training programme of specific exercise, general exercise and pain relieving treatments.

The focus is upon what you CAN do and how you can develop your abilities and optimise your potential to get better

Each session is constructed with your desired outcome in mind, focusing on how you can move forward by developing what you can do, using your strengths and natural ability to succeed. Typically a session will include coaching (e.g. understand pain, decision making, focus, resilience, mindfulness practice, problem solving), movement and exercise, mindfulness practice and treatment.

Learning to become your own coach means that at any given moment, you know what to think and do to maintain course towards your desired outcome. Your desired outcome is how you see yourself, which gives you direction and a way of checking in to see if you are heading that way or being distracted by old habits.

The new habits that you practice are typically those that promote best health and wellbeing of the whole person including normal movement to nourish the body, refresh and renew to ensure enough energy to engage with life, sleep patterns, exercise, healthy and compassionate thinking and communicating (to self and others).

Coaching is all about getting the most out of the individual, taking every opportunity to learn and maximise potential. Being successful relies upon a desired outcome and a plan to follow that includes ways to surmount challenges along the way. The skills that are learned on the Pain Coach Programme are transferable to everyday performance: e.g./ focus, perseverance, compassion, communication, clarity of thought for decision-making, awareness and insight.

In summary, you will understand your pain, know what can and does influence your pain, and learn what you can think-do to actively create a way forward each day.

For any further information or to book your chosen programme, call Jo on 07518 445493 or contact us using the form below.

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