Pain Coaching to overcome chronic pain by living

The Pain Coach Workshop

Getting the best of you and your patients

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Workshop dates

Last few Pain Coach Workshop gigs… before concentrating on Understand Pain Soc Ent. So if you want to learn about Pain Coaching to get the best of your patients, sign up now. 1:1 Pain Coaching will continue to be available to dedicated and motivated clinicians who want to build their careers to achieve a picture of success.

Bowden, Nr Manchester Sunday 6th October at Elite Physio >> tickets

Over the past 10 years there has been an explosion of knowledge about pain. Scientists, philosophers, clinicians and others have contributed to the advancement of our understanding. This is very exciting and provides huge hope for the millions of pain sufferers across the globe. However, the pinnacle of this knowledge remains distant from day to day practices across the globe.

The Pain Coach Workshop delivers the sharp end of what we know about pain to you. To understand pain is to create the solid foundation for you to coach, treat and get the best from an individual, where you are instrumental in the person overcoming their pain and living life.

The Pain Coach element is the ‘know-how’. It is the way that individuals tap into their human potential for change with skills that they learn and build with your encouragement and guidance. We coach the person in pain to coach themselves to living well and meaningfully. They get back to living by living.

This is an experiential workshop. To truly coach another, you must know how to coach yourself and be practicing the skills of being well. Therefore we spend time on your picture of success, your strengths and development. You will feel awesome about what you do by lunchtime!

Who is the Pain Coach Workshop for?
  • Clinicians and therapists who work with people in pain, especially chronic and complex pain ~ e.g./ physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, personal trainers, Pilates teachers, yoga teachers
  • Other professionals who need to understand pain: e.g./ case managers, lawyers

If you want to reach your potential, this workshop is for you. 

Download The Pain Coach Workshop brochure here >>> PCW19

You may prefer 1:1 Pain Coach mentoring. This unique and personal approach to growth and development that gets the best of you, starts by clarifying your picture of success. Together we follow principles to achieve what it is you want in your professional and personal life as you experience the coaching process at your own speed. The 1:1 option is popular for clinicians with specific desires to develop themselves and their practice. To read more click here

If you would like to arrange a Pain Coach Workshop for your practice, department or company, please contact us: t. 07518 445493 

Here are some comments:

‘Great – spot on and inspiring’

‘Excellent content. Some new stuff, some reminders. Whole new context to chronic pain treatment’

‘Fab update on pain models – all brilliant’

‘Thank you for a really great day, which was enjoyed by all :)’


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