Pain Coach Tips

Pain Coach Tips

Pain Coach ProgrammeThe Pain Coach Programme is the complete approach to chronic pain and painful conditions. The programme addresses the specific changes and adaptations that occur in on-going pain, together with skills to sustainably create the conditions for health and happiness. Here are a selection of tips that you can use straight away.

Before getting into the tips, it is important to understand that our knowledge about pain has moved on significantly over the past 10 years. Pain is not something that is only referenced by where we feel it, and it is certainly not observable on an investigation such as a scan or x-ray. Pain is subjective, unique and emerges in the person when there is a perceived threat to that person. The focus here is upon simple Pain Coach tips, so if you are needing to understand pain further, keep checking back for future blogs or read through the library here.

Pain Coach Tip 1

Clarify your picture of success ~ what does it look like? What are you doing? How are you feeling? This gives you a direction, a steer, and orientation. Write it down and share it with someone, making a commitment. We need meaningful direction, something to aim for.

Pain Coach Tip 2

Frame your thinking in positive terms. Set out your intentions: what do you actually want? For example, instead of thinking about how to get rid of pain, think about how you can feel good. When we focus on feeling good and well, we will orientate our subsequent thinking and actions towards that end.

Pain Coach Tip 3

Think about a success you have had in your life. How did you achieve this success? What strengths did you use? Consider how you can use these strengths each day, building them as you would a muscle. Then think about how you can use these strengths to develop your wellbeing, health and happiness. Make the choice to adopt this approach.

Richmond Stace | Pain Coach & Specialist PhysiotherapistThere are many strategies and techniques to work to your potential to overcome pain. Setting the scene by understanding your pain, what influences your pain, knowing what you can do and how you can do it gives you the confidence and belief to focus on what you CAN do.

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