Pain Coaching to overcome chronic pain by living

Pain Coach Programme

The complete & positive approach to overcoming pain and living your life
Knowledge, skills, practical tools, treatment & know-how to achieve results

The Pain Coach Programme is the comprehensive treatment, training and coaching programme for you to create lasting change. Coaching is about getting results, and Pain Coaching is about using your strengths and resources that you already have, to achieve your picture of success. This maybe to return to sport, playing with the kids, going to work or performing your very best at whatever you do in life. The content is based upon the very latest thinking in pain science, cognitive sciences, psychology and philosophy, together with effective and proven ways to reduce suffering.

Your Pain Coach Programme is designed for you, tailored to your individual needs and based upon what you want your life to be like. We focus on what you can do and how you can build upon your existing tolerances and abilities. This means you get back to living by living, and not waiting for something to happen. You are instrumental in designing your life now for what comes ahead, pursuing your purpose with a clear picture of what you want to achieve in life. I am here to encourage you and enable you to make it happen with practical skills, tools, treatment and coaching.

There are two primary overlapping themes:

  1. Proactive exercises, tools and strategies to use each day to reduce pain and build wellness towards your picture of success.
  2. Response tools and practices that you use to overcome challenges as they arise.

Overcome pain by living life

What does the Pain Coach Programme include?

Your programme is designed with your picture of success in mind:

  • understanding your pain so you can face any fears and transform them into action
  • specific exercises to retrain normal sensorimotor function ~ sense and control of movement
  • exercises to improve mobility, flexibility & strength
  • activities you love ~ getting into flow, using your strengths and gradually building your tolerance towards your desired outcomes
  • treatment ~ specific hands-on treatments to reduce pain, sensitivity and suffering
  • mindful practice for focus and emotional control & flexibility ~ keys skills for being well
  • visualisation + imagery to build confidence, to change biological state and build efficient motor patterns (normal movement) just like professional athletes and peak performers
  • breathing practices to consciously change state => build inner calm and focus, gain clarity and create ‘great states’ to allow you to perform at your best
  • skills of being well that we know are key for healthy success and peak performance
  • specific training to achieve personal success in your life
  • return to work strategies
  • return to sport strategies
  • other skills to achieve peak performance and results
Momentum sessions

Living our best lives requires the consistent practice of the skills of being well. In the early sessions you pick up momentum with treatment, practices, exercises, and skills all driven by a new knowledge of pain and a focus on what you want. Maintaining this momentum is key to your success. Momentum sessions build on your achievements and wins so far, bringing in new skills and practices that keep you on track.

The Pain Coach Programme is for you if you suffer persistent pain or chronic pain, a painful condition or an injury that does not seem to get better.

For example: back pain, neck pain, RSI, complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS, myofascial pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, tendonitis, tendinopathy, running injuries, knee injuries, post-operative pain (and pre-operative preparation for best outcomes), osteoarthritis, functional pain syndromes such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), TMJ pain, headaches, migraines, pelvic pain, vulvodynia; and any other painful problems.

Sessions are your time to experience treatment, coaching and to practice the skills of wellbeing

Typically sessions are an hour long so that we have plenty of time for the treatment, training and coaching. Each session is ‘full on’, packed with learning, experience and treatment. You are welcome to bring relatives and friends to the initial session, however I do recommend 1:1 during sessions for focus.

I aim for you to deeply enjoy the sessions and leave feeling motivated and inspired to practice your skills in your own world and move onward. We work on your ability to change biological state, build momentum in your chosen direction and take consistent action towards your picture of success. I am there to support you, provide treatment, training and coaching, encourage and inspire you, and to create a safe sanctuary for you to learn, have great experiences and achieve success.

To book your personalised Pain Coach Programme now, call Jo: 07518 445493
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