Pain Coaching to overcome chronic pain by living

Pain Coach 1:1 Clinician Mentoring

Pain Coach 1:1 Clinician Mentoring

The Pain Coach concept is built on a foundation of altruism, compassion and neuroscience, creating the basis for overcoming pain and chronic pain.

Pain Coach is based upon a model of success, which has been employed by athletes, business and individuals to achieve their aims using a vision of where it is they want to be, an action plan that is employed with utter focus, and a recognition of learning and development. Identifying a person’s strengths and developing them sets the background for focus, action and success.

Pain Coach Mentoring is for clinicians who want to develop their thinking, knowledge and skills to work with people suffering on-going pain or recurring problems. In effect, you create your own course with my help, in which we identify your learning needs and then construct the way to achieve your goals with face to face sessions, self-directed learning and practical experiences. From a detailed programme to monthly meetings to discuss cases, the Pain Coach Mentoring programme provides you with what you need to succeed.

Learn and develop your knowledge and skills at your own speed, setting your own targets and objectives before following your own unique pathway, supported all the way.

  • Aim of the 1:1 Mentoring Pain Coach Programme

To become a Pain Coach by developing practical knowledge and skills at your own speed on a 1:1 basis.

  • Who can become a Pain Coach?

Any clinician or therapist who has the desire to work with, or works with people suffering persisting or complex pain. e.g./ physiotherapist, osteopath, massage therapist, personal trainer, doctor, consultant, nurse, OT

  • What is a Pain Coach?

A Pain Coach has detailed knowledge of pain science and other relevant sciences and is able to apply this knowledge in a practical way to coach an individual who has persisting or complex pain to overcome their pain and live a meaningful life. Using the widest thinking based upon the biopsychosocial model, the Pain Coach addresses all the pain dimensions by knowing that pain is a whole person experience involving all body systems.

  • What does a Pain Coach do?

Using his or her specialist knowledge and skill base, the Pain Coach listens carefully to the individual’s story to make sense of the presentation and consequent problems—compassionate listening is one of the many skills that the Pain Coach develops. The initial meeting is an opportunity to hear about how the problem began, when it began and all the relevant factors around and preceding that time. Enquiring into prior experiences reveals the reasons why the pain has emerged in the way that it has and begins to give meaning to the individual. These are the priming events and experiences that can make someone vulnerable to persisting and chronic pain.

The discussion is followed by a sensorimotor assessment that reveals how the protection and pain is manifesting. This guides part of the necessary training programme that aims to re-train the body systems that are continuing to work to protect. The training is individualised according to the vision of where the person wants to be with meaningful activities performed within the certain contexts and environments that are designed to reduce the threat—reduce the threat to reduce the protection (pain responses, altered movements, altered thinking, altered emotions).

The programme that the Pain Coach designs addresses all the pain dimensions and how they interact, understanding that persisting pain is the result of conditioned responses, on-going perception of threat and habits that become increasingly problematic despite appearing to be useful—e.g./ avoidance of activities, withdrawal, negative thinking (catastrophising); all usually based on erroneous thinking about pain.

In summary, the Pain Coach understands pain in its fullest sense, how and why it emerges in a given individual, and creates a programme that develops the individual’s understanding of their own pain and how to coach themselves to a meaningful life once more.

  • How does it work?

We establish your start point that includes existing knowledge and practice: e.g./ how you currently think about pain, what you think and know about pain, how you decide upon a programme, how do you explain pain? You will be sent a questionnaire to complete to provide me with background information.

Initial meeting: this is when we talk about your current practice in its widest sense — what do you think? why? how? This explores in detail the background that you have provided. Once the picture has been painted, then we can establish your objectives and vision so that the plan can be devised.

Implement the plan with a series of learning objectives that are achieved in 1:1 sessions, self-directed learning, real case studies and practical experience with reflective exercises.

Follow-up meetings: planned meetings that we map out for learning, discussion and mentoring towards achieving your goals.

In summary, the Pain Coach 1:1 mentoring programme is your own bespoke training that meets your unique learning needs and desires. With guidance, you create a practical education package that takes you to your vision of being a Pain Coach clinician.

To book and for further information, call Jo on 07518 445493



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