There is a growing trend to ‘neuroscience-up’ as a way of powering information and concepts. This is no bad thing as it means that current research is being applied to enhance our understanding of who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we can best go about it. Certainly in the world of business the concept of neuroleadership has emerged as a force. The notion can also be used to optimise the self and achieve healthy aims.

Neuroscience for leadership, decision making, performance & health

Employing the notion of neuroscience in health means that we can understand the functioning and interaction between the body systems (nervous, immune, endocrine, autonomic etc), cognitions and emotions. From there, healthy strategies evolve, pointing our natural compass towards wellness. This of course can include how we function as work, developing clarity of thought and resilience in the face of problems that emerge.

Understanding how we can use the body as a yardstick of wellness, for example noting the sensations as a way of detecting a threat, in one of many ways of ‘neuro-self-regulation’ (I just made that term up – it shows how easy it is to ne neuro). We can feel ‘tingling’ in the stomach which is noted as anxiety. Then we need to work out why we are anxious and this may be obvious or may require some thought. This is ironic as anxiety stems from thinking about something that is potentially threatening, albeit on many occasions it emerges from subconscious activity, becoming conscious when we need to attend to the matter. This is ‘self neuroleadership’ – the development of your own toolbox, facilitating a flourishing and flowing lifestyle at home, work and play.

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Good quality education that is delivered in a way that brains can absorb, process and apply is a further example. Creating the right environment, atmosphere, delivery approach and range of tasks will impact upon the outcomes.

In summary, the neuro-revolution is an important step forward. The science is moving on and we can follow the developments to employ in health and business, and where the two meet. Of course we must look at the science with a critical eye and check the robustness of the data, ensuring we understand the messages before imparting them in an education arena.

Exciting times. Neuro times! (and immune, endocrine, autonomic….)

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