Pain Coaching to overcome chronic pain by living

Medicolegal Cases

The Pain Coach Programme for medicolegal cases

The Pain Coach Programme is the positive approach for persistent and complex pain, which is frequently one of the major needs to be addressed in medicolegal cases. This simply means that we clarify the person’s picture of success and then use their strengths and practical tools to achieve results. It is positive in as much as we take action based on knowing where we are going and how we will do it.

Indivividuals who have suffered traumatic injuries at work or road traffic accidents (RTA) can experience complex and persisting pain. This needs specialist care, treatment and coaching so that the person can make the necessary changes to overcome the challenge.

Coaching ~ getting the best of the individual for a meaningful life

Working closely with case managers, my aim is always to deliver the best programme to meet the individual’s needs. Coaching is about getting the best out of the person by focusing on their strengths and building on wins towards their picture of success. The Programme gives the person’s knowledge, skills, practices, tools, treatment and know-how to get the best of themselves and reach their potential. By overcoming fears and concerns, the person’s commits to implementing and integrating the practices into each day with my encouragement, support and treatment as they build confidence and move onwards.

Change is speedy when you commit to it now ~ the programme gives you the tools

The Pain Coach Programme addresses all dimensions of the person’s experience of pain. It also works with medical, surgical and psychological treatments that may be necessary. The primary aim of the Programme is for the fullest recovery and best quality of life as defined by the person. That means doing the things that the person wants to in their life, in their own unique way, as best they can. To achieve results, they follow the steps in a structured way, committing to make the necessary changes to be successful.

When you refer a medicolegal case to The Pain Coach Programme, your client will be seen quickly for an initial assessment. We clarify the nature of the problem and recommend the way onwards. As soon as we are given the approval to start the Programme, we will see the client on a regular basis as well as following up between sessions when needed. They will receive full support, encouragement and coaching to achieve their best results on choosing to engage. At the end of the initial programme sessions a progress report and on-going recommendations will be provided. At any point, the referrer can contact us for an update.

If your client lives at a distance or abroad we can arrange home visits and Skype sessions, liaising with local therapists and clinicians.


Referrals are welcomed from case managers, solicitors and insurers. You can call us or email ~ 07518 445493 (Jo) & [email protected]


Working with people suffering persistent and complex pain requires a good understanding of pain and a specific set of skills. In addition we need the know-how to get the best of our clients. The Pain Coach Workshops are designed to give your team or indivisuals the knowledge, skills, tools and the know-how to encourage the client to reach their potential. Please ask us about creating a workshop for you. We are here to help, and in building our knowledge, skills and actions, we are always helping the client.

A better life for you and a better life for your clients 

And if you want to get results as an individual with a plan of action to use immediately, the 1:1 Mentoring is for you.

We look forward to working with you

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