London Marathon 2017 for UP and CRPS UK

London Marathon 2017 for UP and CRPS UK

I am running the London Marathon 2017 for UP and CRPS UK, to raise awareness of the global problem of pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), and to raise money to support the important work being done by these two groups.

Chronic pain affects around 20% of the global population for a range of reasons. The most prevalent problems are back pain, neck pain, headaches and arthritis but there are many conditions that hurt. These include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, rheumatological conditions, gastrointestinal complaints, gynaecological problems and often co-exist with depression and other psychological issues. Most of us know someone suffering the effects of chronic pain and we know the impact it can have upon their life and those around them.

At UP we feel that this need not be the case. As a society we can work collectively to change our thinking about pain by truly understanding pain, and hence we can reduce the global suffering significantly. This will not only change people’s lives but also impact on the economy. If we can reduce spending on care and increase productivity, more money is available for healthy projects.

How will we change the way we currently think?

There are a number of ways including:

  • Making the most up to date information about pain available to all, reaching out via a number of existing platforms including the new UP website that is on the way
  • A network of workshops run for people who suffer pain to learn about their pain and what they can do to overcome the problems. The UP and live well
    programme that is based on Pain Coaching
  • Scaling the workshops by training healthcare professionals and therapists to deliver the knowledge and skills

This is no longer an option or a luxury for the global society. With the seeds being sewn we CAN and MUST take the right messages and practical know-how across the world. This mission is driving all the work being done at UP.
We have a vision and we have a way to achieve it. So please help us make the difference by donating here

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