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UK and International talks and workshops ~ all with the purpose of a better world by understanding pain so we can reduce suffering together.

Richmond regularly speaks about how we can change pain in society. He runs Pain Coach and Understand Pain workshops for diverse groups who want practical ways of achieving results and making an impact ~ clinicians, businesses, medical sports teams. The problem of chronic pain reaches across the global society, affecting lives, performance and productivity. Each group will focus on their particular reasons for needing to understand pain and know what actions to take.

A sports medical team may wish to best manage players with chronic injury so that they return to play as soon, and as safely as possible. A business will be keen to optimise the wellbeing of its employees so that engagement and productivity are high. Clinicians are usually keen to build on their strengths and wish to feel confident working with people suffering chronic pain, so that they get the best of their patients.

The Pain Coach Workshops experiential and packed with the latest thinking about pain, how we can change pain, getting the best of ourselves and others, the skills of wellbeing and a wide range of practices and tools.

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Upcoming events:


Sept 8th 2018 ~ Pain Coach Workshop, Chicago, USA

Sept 22nd 2018 ~ The Sporting Mind: I will be talking at the ACPSEM symposium at The Imperial War Museum

Oct 20th 2018 ~ Pain Coach Workshop, London

Oct 27th 2018 ~ Beachy Head Marathon for Understand Pain

What do people say about the Pain Coach Workshops?

‘Great – spot on and inspiring’

‘Excellent content. Some new stuff, some reminders. Whole new context to chronic pain treatment’

‘Fab update on pain models – all brilliant’

‘Thank you for a really great day, which was enjoyed by all :)’

‘Excellent insight into an important as aspect of player care’

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