Encouraging physio students

physio students

Leeds Beckett physio students

Encouraging physio students is not usually necessary. Their passion and purpose are both raw and visible. And I love tapping into it.

Yesterday was no different as around 30 MSc and BSc physio students came along to an impromptu Pain Coach session at Leeds Beckett University. It was voluntary and at the end of the day when they could be doing any number of other non-physio things. So, it spoke volumes when they piled in.

We squeezed as much as we could out of the time we had together, covering the concepts of Pain Coaching as an approach. Many contributed their insights and feelings as we explored self-care, deep listening, communication, strengths, values and more. I do love to hear these observations.

Pain Coaching

The thirst to understand pain and the dynamic of the patient (person) and clinician was clear. Having co-founded a social enterprise named Understand Pain, this was energising. I am led to believe that the list of competences to be a physiotherapist does not include pain. This is a major concern when you consider pain is the No1 global health burden, and must change. Much like I have taken the view that I will seek to help society move on with its thinking by going directly to people, we can encourage the physio students to build their understanding of pain. They immediately know the importance.

I am always keen to read feedback from these sessions. This creates the opportunity to deepen my understanding of what people feel they need to grow, together with insight into their engagement. Pleasingly, the consensus was that the information was useful, practical and applicable. A number asked when I was coming back….so maybe there will be a return….. .

Thanks to Kate Thompson for organising the session.

On we go.


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