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DystoniaDystonia Clinic in London for the sensorimotor re-training programme — read on for more details.

Dystonia is a movement disorder characterised by unwanted tremors, spasms and pulls. For some years now, the mainstay treatment has been botox injections that reduce the unwanted movements, mainly administered by neurologists who diagnose the problem.

The  main referrals, either by consultants or self-referrals, are for cervical dystonia (neck), facial dystonia and dystonia that affects the limbs (including functional dystonia). In particular I work closely with Dr Marie-Helene Marion who has specialised in the treatment of dystonia for many years, being one of the most experienced and knowledgeable movement disorder neurologists.

The re-training programme¬†focuses on the whole person, which means that we look at how the dystobnia is manifesting, the underpinning biology and the influences upon the dystonia in that person’s life. In essence we consider how all of these unify to emerge as their experience of dystonia — the movements, the sense of body, the sense of self, how the person feels and thinks and how all of these are reflected as the lived experience and face to the world. This comprehensive view on the individual’s problem allows us to devise a detailed training programme that addresses all dimensions of the condition and how it presents in that person. As William Osler stated: It is much more important to know what sort of patient has a disease than what sort of disease a patient has.

The strategies and technqiues create the conditions for change in a healthy direction — we are always changing, it is the direction we must choose. They include how to set the scene for training in order to gain the most, how to create calm conditions and then work on developing body sense that is a key part of moving normally with precision, and then the motor skills themselves with greater economy and effect:

  • Starting with understanding the nature of the problem, then…
  • Sensorimotor training — sensory and motor aspects unified
  • Proprioception and whole body sense
  • Motion is lotion — how to nourish the overused and overactive muscles, joints, nerves
  • Motor imagery and visualisation — akin to methods used by athletes and others to enhance performance
  • Mindful practice to create the necessary calm
  • General exercise and daily activities including strategies for work and home

To book your first session or for further information, please contact us on 07518 445493

** Assessment and training/treatment sessions are an hour each providing the necessary time for coaching, practicing and treatment.



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