Coronavirus plan

Specialist Pain Physio Clinics plan for coronavirus

Whilst we must take sensible steps to deal with the challenges of the virus, people must also be able to continue to receive the care that they need.

To meet these needs, I am pleased to to offer continuity via Skype or Zoom. This means that we can continue with your programme or create your new programme if you are just starting with me.

I have been doing Pain Coach sessions via Skype and Zoom in recent years, to work with people across the globe (USA, Australia, India, Europe), further afield in the UK or those who cannot reach the clinic.

What are we doing at the clinics?

The clinics where I work (132 Harley Street, The Chelsea Consulting Rooms & New Malden Diagnostics Centre) are all following the Government guidelines. This includes screening people entering the building and hand washing. In addition, I am keeping a close eye on daily updates.

Currently, there are face to face sessions available at all sites. Increasingly, people are choosing Skype/Zoom as an option because they want to continue moving forward, improving their lives.

Pain Coaching was designed to reach as many people as possible and hence works very well online.

If you would like to start your programme, call us today or email, and we can arrange a date and time that suits you.

Appointments: Jo 07518 445493

[email protected]



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