Repetitive strain injury

r.nial bradshaw |

r.nial bradshaw |

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a common complaint that usually describes pain, altered sensation and limited use of the hands, wrists and arms. Also known as WRULD (work related upper limb disorder), it is often considered to be caused by overuse of a keyboard and mouse that in turn begins to hurt. There is a bit more to it than that as pain is a complex experience involving a number of factors. The great news is that despite this complexity, there is a way forward and the problem can be overcome when it is understood and the right actions are taken. That is what the Pain Coach Programme is designed to do for you.

“I injured both my wrists through repetitive typing in early 2014. They became so bad that I was unable to write or use the computer. After seeing a series of doctors and physiotherapists who were unable to help, I was fortunate to find Richmond Stace. In the first session, we discussed my situation and I was immediately struck that he seemed to understand my case in a way that others I had consulted had failed to do. His programme of rehabilitation meant that I could type again after about six weeks and, 18 months on, I feel that I am effectively back to normal again. I am delighted at what has been possible and am extremely grateful for what Richmond has done for me.” Rod L

The Pain Coach Programme for persistent pain

Based on the latest understanding of the science of pain and strengths based coaching, the Pain Coach Programme gives you the working knowledge and skills to overcome your pain whilst you are supported, motivated and in receipt of treatment to relieve symptoms. You will have new understanding, specific exercises, healthy movement strategies to nourish your body, new ways of thinking about pain to keep you engaged, ways to effectively tackle stress and anxiety (e.g./ mindfulness, relaxation), your own self-coaching methods and more, all to enable you to return to living a meaningful life as defined by you.

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