Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Pain Coach Programme to overcome CRPS

Pain Coach Programme to overcome Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

“I began my treatment with Richmond nearly a year ago now. My pain had spread from my foot right through to my back and whole arm. I was finding general day to day activities extremely hard and I believe if I had not been treated my Richmond my only option as I saw it was to give up some of my work and take extra pain killers. Within weeks and months of Richmond helping me I regained a lot of movement in my arm and the pain was reducing, I was able to continue with work and I felt much less worried about my condition. Richmond gave me many techniques physically and coping strategies mentally. I am a music conductor and my conducting was improving hugely through visualisation techniques, these techniques even made me a much more effective conductor…and this I never expected. I have slowly regained control of my life and I am feeling positive about the future, since seeing Richmond I have not had a major flare up for a year! I will always continue to see Richmond as he has changed my life and CRPS is no longer in control of me!” GS – Surrey

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Do you have CRPS? See the Budapest CRPS Guidelines ~ click here

Pain Coach Programme for CRPS

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) was first recognised during the Civil War, then known as causalgia. Since then the condition has been re-named as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and more recently, complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS. CRPS can be a particularly painful and limiting problem that affects quality of life in many ways. The modern biopsychosocial approach addresses the whole person: the biology of their pain and other symptoms, the psychological impact, including the influence of stress, anxiety and negative thinking about the condition, and the social effects such as work, home-life and the limits that CRPS can put upon physical activities.

Modern and on-going research helps us to understand the biology of pain and CRPS together with the influences upon this biology. For example, we know about the changes in the peripheral nervous system, the brain, the immune system and the sympathetic nervous system that contribute to CRPS. There are local effects in the tissues and altered activity in the nerves and blood vessels that together with the changes in the brain and spinal cord can explain the signs and symptoms.

Specialist Pain Physio for chronic pain

But of course this is all the biology ‘in the dark’ and it is the lived experience that the person suffers. This is what we focus upon changing. We are designed to change and every moment is such an opportunity. The Pain Coach Programme aims to get the best of you, for you to reach your potential and get results.

Pain is a state of protect. We get caught in a loop whereby our body systems that protect us remain in a regular state of alert meaning that pain is consistently part of our conscious experience. Learning how to shift states is a great life skill and absolutely key in overcoming pain. We are meant to get better and for a range of reasons the person has not fully engaged the necessary changes ~ e.g./ past experience, trauma, genetics, low expectations, failed treatments, anxiety, negative inner dialogue, over-focus on pain.

If you are ready to change and want to overcome your pain, get in touch and book your first appointment. You can call us on 07518 445493 or use the contact form below.

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