Aches & pains, stresses & strains

Treatment Programme for life’s ailments Aches and pains are a normal part of life, reminding us that we are doing too much, too little or something potentially injurious. Classically, sitting at the desk for hours, using a computer mouse repeatedly, texting and emailing on phones with small keypads, going from being sedentary all day to […]

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD)

Hands of God & Adam

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), is undoubtedly a nasty condition in many cases. It can be hugely disruptive in the desire to lead a normal and fulfilling life due the experience of sheer pain and the difficulty in doing day to day activities. I hear a huge range […]

Mums in pain

Undoubtedly mums have many roles. From nurse maid to cook, from fashion designer to taxi driver, from swimming coach to chief bottom wiper, from peace keeper to play-mate, from goalkeeper to maths tutor and on and on… Of course ‘mums’ can be replaced with ‘dads’ who are the primary carers but as this blog is […]

Lorimer Moseley on the air…jazzy

My clinical work and huge interest in pain science has been influenced greatly by Lorimer’s work. The whole concept of really thinking about pain and it’s influences is key, and Lorimer’s delving into the mechanisms, the how’s and why’s has been hugely illuminating. The clinician’s understanding of pain is vital in helping patients understand pain […]

A point in time…

A point in time….. some thoughts At a point in time a patient comes for advice and treatment. Often this is at or around the time of a peak in symptoms hence most troublesome and limiting, whether it be a new problem or an acute on chronic scenario. Any consultation is at a point in […]

Pain in Pregnancy

Pain in Pregnancy Musculoskeletal pain is a common problem in pregnancy including low back pain, pubic pain (symphysis pubis syndrome) hand and wrist pain. The are a number of known reasons why this occurs and with this knowledge we can offer treatment and management strategies to ease symptoms and movement. Clearly there are a range […]

London Marathon Training

At this time of year we see many people who are training for the London Marathon. This is an extraordinary commitment and achievement, often linked to raising money for a chosen charity. Naturally the training level gradually increases, which means a greater demand upon the body physically. Many people have not trained at such a […]

Mindfulness for stress reduction

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular. This is good because of the benefits from regular practice that include improved concentration, focus, clarity of thought, reduction in negative thought streams and stress related problems. Pain falls into the last category as stress and pain often come hand in hand. In fact, pain is a stressor when it […]

Practical Strategies for Pain

Having practical strategies for pain is one of the fundamental parts of the treatment programme for us. It is not enough to have an exercise programme that is completed twice a day for example, there has to be other aspects to the plan that promote change, learning and development that are felt to be pain […]

Graded Motor Imagery

The Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) programme is an evidence based therapeutic approach that falls under the brain training umbrella. This is because the treatment targets changes that have occurred in the brain. We know about these changes from a number of brain scanning studies in recent years. The actual programme has been developed largely through […]