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Basal Ganglia | Dystonia

Dystonia — the term used to describe uncontrollable and sometimes painful muscle spasms caused by incorrect signals from the brain. It is estimated to affect at least 70,000 people in the UK; Dystonia Society — has varying impact upon the individual. By this I refer to the way in which it makes the person view themselves, their […]

Dystonia Society meeting | Talk on sensorimotor training for cervical dystonia

Dystonia Society

The ‘Living with Dystonia’ Day, organised by the Dystonia Society, was held in London in November. This was an opportunity to talk to neck dystonia sufferers and their carers about the sensorimotor training programme that I am using in conjunction with botox treatment — see here. We have an understanding of how the brain plans and […]

Tackling dystonia | British Neurotoxin Network Conference 2013 | Keble College, Oxford

Keble coll

It was a pleasure to speak at the British Neurotoxin Network conference this week, a meeting for specialists in dystonia who use botulinum toxin as a form of treatment. Held at Keble College in Oxford, the surroundings were perfect for meeting, discussion and the sharing of ideas. BNN Conference Programme here Before dining in the […]

Chronic pain to #dystonia: how physiotherapy can target cortical reorganisation – speaking this week at BNN Conference


I am delighted to be speaking at the British Neurotoxin Network conference this coming week, giving an opportunity to talk about how we can target the higher centres with wise action and therapy for dystonia. The more recent literature has identified functional changes in a widespread network (e.g./ cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, cerebellum), cortical reorganisation […]

2nd Report from the 2nd International Congress on Treatment of Dystonia | Musician’s Cramp

2nd International Congress on the Treatment of Dystonia

Of the many interesting topics covered at the congress, the talk by Laurent Boullet stood out. He is a Belgian concert painist who experienced focal hand dystonia himself. Now Laurent works with muscians who also suffer focal hand dystonia, using a programme to retain normal control of movement. He follows the principles of rehabilitation, gradually building the challenge […]

Report from the 2nd International Congress on Treatment of Dystonia

Dystonia congress

The 2nd International Congress on Treatment of Dystonia The programme has been packed with talks, discussions and workshops looking at the current state of the knowledge about treating dystonia. Some have looked at the condition from a movement perspective and others have highlighted what we know about the brain and how it changes in dystonia. […]

Cervical Dystonia | What can we do?

I see a number of cases of cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis) that features awkward posturing and movement of the head and neck. This can be painful and have consequences for normal activities. We rely upon being able to orientate ourselves to our environment by controlling our head and gaze direction and then responding appropriately. Primary dystonia has no […]