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Persistent pain and injury in football

Persistent pain and injury in football ~ better outcomes needed We know that professional football commands an enormous amount of money. Lesser known is the huge cost of persistent pain and injury in football — theRead More…

Persistent pain and injury in sport

The toll of persistent injury

Rugby player Dave Attwood talked about the toll of persistent injury in The Guardian today. This is likely to be one of the greatest fears of any sports person, particularly for professionals with a career atRead More…


Why do Arsenal and MUFC have so many injuries?

Arsenal Football Club have apparently reported 30 injuries since August, and Manchester United 37 injuries. Why so many? Injuries are more complex than perhaps initially thought. It is not simply that a player runs out ontoRead More…


It’s time to bring what we know about chronic pain into sport

I recall a time when a consultant told me that chronic pain does not exist in private medicine. I was somewhat dumbfounded that an intelligent person could have such a thought. As a far as IRead More…