Two excellent talks for athletes

Both talks are inspiring and demonstrate courage, perseverance and motivation in the face of the enormous challenges that were presented. In performance and rehabilitation, mindset is a key determinant and in many cases several skills must be developed, including resilience and coping strategies. In the first video, Janine Shepherd talks about her experience of recovery […]

Women and Pain Clinic @ 132 Harley Street

The Women and Pain clinic is dedicated to providing contemporary treatment, training and coaching for females who suffer persisting pain. Common examples of on-going painful problems include: pelvic pain: including pain from endometriosis, bladder problems, muscular spasm & guarding of the pelvis and abdominal area back pain joint pain (often multiple) abdominal pain (irritable bowel […]

July 2013 Specialist Pain Physio Newsletter

Specialist Pain Physio Newsletter

Come and read our July Newsletter here Contents include New Clinic: Women and Pain for those suffering persisting pains such as pelvic pain, back pain, headaches, migraines & irritable bowel syndrome (functional pain syndromes) at 132 Harley Street – call for appointments 07932 689081 The importance of movement at your desk, even if you do […]

Emotion strengthens the potency of the memory that emerges

All of our conscious experiences can be deemed emergent from our self whether it be pain in the physical body or a memory that arrives in our awareness. The underpinning neural correlate in the brain has to some extent been identified in pain but the search for the seat of consciousness continues. It is likely […]

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome | Diagnosis using the Budapest Criteria

CRPS Bugle

The Budapest Criteria should now be used to diagnose Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS): A: The patient has continuing pain which is disproportionate to the inciting event B: The patient has at least one sign in two or more of the categories C: The patient reports at least one symptom in three or more of […]

Come and see our CRPS blog

CRPS Bugle

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a condition that we commonly see – click here for the clinic page In support of the treatment, training and coaching programme we have a blog dedicated to the latest science and thinking in CRPS CRPS UK Visit the blog here See here on our CRPS UK blog the latest diagnostic […]

Hypermobility & anxiety

Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

Hypermobility is a common obsevation in our clinics and is often associated with persisting pain, stress and anxiety. Increasingly neuroscience studies are linking body, brain and mind to highlight the fact that we must address all these dimensions within a contemporary treatment and training programme. In particular, we know that there is a strong association between those who […]

Prepare the brain and immune system for surgery

We know that catastrophising about pain can shape the way in which the immune system responds to nociception – see the article in Figure 1. Catastrophising refers to the interpretation of pain as signalling something damaging and dangerous and is often preceded by hypervigilance to body sensations. This maintains a negative focus upon the body […]

The meaning of pain

The meaning of pain

To me, this is one of the ultimate questions. I spend many an hour pondering the meaning of pain and of course the bottom line is that pain has a unique meaning to each and every one of us. There are a wide range of influences upon our thinking as to what the pain experience […]

The Chelsea Flower Show, gardening and back pain

With the Chelsea Flower Show in full bloom the world of gardening is full of excitement and wonder as the designers exhibit their creations. Gardeners can relate to this sense of cultivation and creativity as they work hard to illustrate their vision through their plants, flowers, grasses and other garden features. Gardening is often physically […]