The Chelsea Flower Show, gardening and back pain

With the Chelsea Flower Show in full bloom the world of gardening is full of excitement and wonder as the designers exhibit their creations. Gardeners can relate to this sense of cultivation and creativity as they work hard to illustrate their vision through their plants, flowers, grasses and other garden features. Gardening is often physically […]

2nd Report from the 2nd International Congress on Treatment of Dystonia | Musician’s Cramp

2nd International Congress on the Treatment of Dystonia

Of the many interesting topics covered at the congress, the talk by Laurent Boullet stood out. He is a Belgian concert painist who experienced focal hand dystonia himself. Now Laurent works with muscians who also suffer focal hand dystonia, using a programme to retain normal control of movement. He follows the principles of rehabilitation, gradually building the challenge […]


There is a growing trend to ‘neuroscience-up’ as a way of powering information and concepts. This is no bad thing as it means that current research is being applied to enhance our understanding of who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we can best go about it. Certainly in the […]

Treatment is not in a vacuum | the patient experience and the healthcare approach

A phrase I often use with patients is ‘nothing happens in isolation’. This concept is about priming and how the neuroimmune system is set at the time of an intervention as this will affect the outcome. The question to ask is ‘how is this system likely to respond to the treatment I am about to […]

Posture | Embodiment of what we are doing and thinking

Back pain and neck pain | Common problems that we treat

Back pain and neck pain are very common and costly problems, both personally and economically. Many people suffer bouts of such pain and some continue to suffer on-going pain and consequences. Posture is often quoted as being a causative factor although this is really too simple to explain back pain and neck pain. Of course, […]

Report from the 2nd International Congress on Treatment of Dystonia

Dystonia congress

The 2nd International Congress on Treatment of Dystonia The programme has been packed with talks, discussions and workshops looking at the current state of the knowledge about treating dystonia. Some have looked at the condition from a movement perspective and others have highlighted what we know about the brain and how it changes in dystonia. […]

London Marathon 2013 | Dealing with the aches and pains

London Marathon 2013

Most runners will have put in the hard yards by now and are set to go. Undoubtedly there have been quite a few aches and pains along the road so far. Sadly this will prevent some people from participating, say in the case of a stress fracture – click here. It is entirely normal to […]

‘Get betterers’ and ‘persisters’

Back pain clinics, London

Why is it that some people recover from an injury and others take longer than expected or continue to have problems beyond a normal healing time? It’s the latter group that I spend a great deal of time with, helping them to develop understanding of their pain and devising a plan of what they must […]

Tendinopathy & Tendon Pain | Guest Blog by Dr Peter Malliaras

Tendon pain and injury

Thanks to my friend and colleague Dr Peter Malliaras for this blog on tendinopathy – here is his bio Painful tendon injury or tendinopathy is common and often difficult to manage. Previously this type of injury was known as tendinits, and the suffix ‘it is’ suggesting an inflammatory pathology. For over three decades now researchers […]

Chronic pain in sport | painphysio article in SportEX journal


In the April edition of the SportEX journal you can read my article on chronic pain in sport – click here Chronic pain and recurring injuries in sport are a huge problem. The modern approach uses the latest neuroscience to tackle the pain and restore normal function required for the particular sport. Call us for details on […]