What does your pain mean to you? Learning from the #Messi injury

Lionel Messi

“I sincerely thought it was the last ball I would be touching for a long time because of the pain,” Messi said. “I tried to go ahead and shoot but I didn’t have the strength.” Last week Lionel Messi, arguably the World’s best footballer, thought that his career had come to an end with a […]

A brief mindfulness exercise: just a few moments to foster clarity

Stress and pain

There are significant health and performance-based benefits that come from brief periods of mindful practice during the day including: An ability to focus with clarity Avoid being ‘bogged down’ by negative thinking Emotional regulation Clear thinking Emotional intelligence Awareness of self and others (empathy) Reduced feelings of anxiety and tension Tackle stress Pain relief Improved […]

A quick word on daily aches and pains


Everyone experiences aches and pains each day of a varying nature. Some are fleeting twinges, others are associated with an injury, sitting too long and stress, or in many cases there is a gradual creep over a period of time. The process of going from a pain free state to a painful state is complex and contextual. […]

Aches and pains in Chelsea

Chelsea, London | Tackling aches and pains

Sitting in the heart of Chelsea just off Sloane Square, our clinic at The Chelsea Consulting Rooms is the place to come with your persisting aches and pains. Pain is a normal everyday experience of course, but when it persists, pain is less useful and becomes the source of suffering and limitation. We can stop […]

Women and pain | Part 1

Endometriosis & melatonin | Women and pain series

‘As many as 50 million American women live with one or more neglected and poorly understood chronic pain conditions’  Generally I see more female patients than male. This observation supports the view that chronic pain is more prevalent in women than in men for some conditions – see the International Association for the Study of Pain fact sheet here. […]

The brain changes

The brain changes in pain

The nervous system is plastic meaning that it changes and moulds according to the stimuli presented. Norman Doidge wrote about the ‘brain that changes itself’ and we have seen over the past 10 years or so an increasing number of studies that show this in a range of conditions, some painful and others not. Our […]

Pain: perception, expectation, meaning – it’s all important

Chronic pain

I regularly scour the literature for the latest studies that look at pain mechanisms. Firstly I am fascinated by the science and philosophy of pain, both personally as it is so intrical to life and living, and because I need to understand the current thinking in pain to be effective as a clinician–one day I will […]

Groove is in the brain – watching strictly come dancing to exercise those neurons

Strictly come dancing 2012

Strictly Come Dancing is great entertainment. Increasingly I have been drawn into watching the professional dancers and admiring their immense skill and body control. The precision, posturing and awareness, blending with glamour, grace and such defined movement demonstrates perfectly the art of motion to music. The celebrities have a mix of backgrounds, some clearly having had previous experience of dance. […]

Pain in the Media

Media and pain

Recently there have been a handful of reports in the media covering aspects of pain. Here is a brief review of the reported findings. Stephen Adams of The Telegraph wrote (click here) about the role of genes in disc degeneration following the discovery of PARK2 by Dr Frances Williams and her team – here’s the study. Rightly, he points […]

Why does my knee hurt when I run?

Why do my knees hurt? Running injuries

The success of the London 2012 Olympics has had a huge impact upon society including the greater participation in sporting activities. This is a truly vital legacy and we must seek to pervade this healthy mindset to all corners of the country and across all the age ranges to optimise the benefits. Those seeking immediate […]