Aches and pains in Chelsea

Sitting in the heart of Chelsea just off Sloane Square, our clinic at The Chelsea Consulting Rooms is the place to come with your persisting aches and pains. Pain is a normal everyday experience of course, but when it persists, pain is less useful and becomes the source of suffering and limitation. We can stop doing the things we love, have difficulty with day-to-day tasks and become increasingly unfit, all of which affect our quality of life.

Making changes

When you are restricted by pain or cannot resume activities because of pain or a recurring injury, life becomes frustrating. Our mood and motivation can be affected. Our thinking can start to revolve around the pain that begins to determine our choices. On a lesser level, the pain intensity may be low but the impact is persistent. Each experience is individual.

We are absolutely focused on change. Our bodies and brains are designed to change and adapt and we need to make sure that yours are going in the right direction. Can pain change? Yes.

Pain: understand it, tackle it and live

What do we see?

Commonly we see patients suffering back pain, neck pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), knee pain, arthritic pain, recurring sports injuries and more widespread pains. In females we often find that the original reason for coming along is part of a picture of sensitivity that manifests in a number of places – see blog series here on Women in Pain.

But why do people come along?

The answer to this question can be very different from the conditions that we identify as commonly seen at the clinic. Is the question, ‘What is the problem?’ No, the question is, ‘What is MY problem that I need help with right now?’

Usually people come to the clinic because there is something that they cannot do, are struggling to resume or the problem is impacting upon important aspects of life: ‘The problem is that I cannot pick up my child’, ‘I cannot sit at my desk for long meaning that I do not do all of my work’, ‘I have tried to run again but it hurts so I have stopped completely’. These and the many other problems that people describe are what we focus upon as goals to be achieved.

This is done by understanding the underlying pain mechanisms and employing a treatment programme born out of the latest neuroscience that tackles the sources and influences. We identify key habits and behaviours that may have been useful and protective but are now in the way of progress and create new ways of promoting health so that you can lead a meaningful life. And we really enjoy doing it!

Exercise with confidence | Work at ease | Enjoy family life | Healthy movement and activity

Contact us for information or to book an appointment in Chelsea or at our other locations in Harley Street, Temple and Newe Malden: 07518 445493



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