Who comes for treatment?

“Pain Coach is about being successful and reaching your potential in life by focusing on living well

Who comes for treatment?

Who comes for treatment?

People who….
  • have had pain and problems for a long time
  • have seen many doctors and therapists
  • can’t live the life that they want ~ home, work, play
  • have pain they they don’t understand
  • are not getting better
  • have pain that won’t go away
  • are scared of their pain
  • feel stuck and miserable
People who want to…
  • understand their pain
  • know how to get better
  • focus on the ways of overcoming pain
  • learn the skills of well-being
  • perform in life ~ at home, at work, at play
  • get better and live meaningfully

Is that you?

To better help you to understand who comes to see Richmond and why you will benefit from the Pain Coach Programme, this brief article is for you.

The main reason why people come to see Richmond is because they have a persistent or chronic pain problem ~ something that has just not got better. Chronic pain is the number one global heath burden, costing more than cancer, diabetes and heart disease put together. The suffering to the individual is immeasurable.

But, chronic pain can change and get better, which is the primary focus of the Pain Coach Programme.

“Overcoming pain and living a meaningful life is the aim of the programme and our focus together

There are some different ways that this common issue can arise:
  • An injury that continues to hurt and impact upon the person’s life: at home, at work and limiting or preventing normal activities. There is a clear start point to the problem in many cases, when something happens resulting in an injury and pain. Examples include sports injuries and back injuries. The expectation is that the injury will heal and the pain subside but unfortunately this does not always happen. The person continues to suffer, often more and more over time.
  • A gradual build up of pain and limitation over time that causes increasing suffering with regards to the pain itself and the effects. There does not have to be an absolute start point, instead often a sequence of episodes that build over time, each one priming the next to be more vigorous and lengthy. Examples include tendon problems, repetitive strain injury, back pain, neck pain, widespread pain
  • Particular conditions that are painful such as osteoarthritis, rheumatological diseases, neurological, gastrointestinal and others that feature pain as a problem.
  • Functional pain syndromes: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), fibromyalgia, pelvic pain, vulvodynia, TMJ dysfunction, migraine ~ there is a common biology to these seemingly disparate problems that we address. Other common features can include hypermobility, anxiety, perfectionism (being hard on oneself and self-critical) and depression.
  • Post surgery ~ when one unexpectedly continues to experience pain and limitation. There can also be a general malaise and sense of not feeling one’s self that requires addressing.

Sometimes the boundaries are blurred between these scenarios. We know that people can be vulnerable to developing chronic pain and hence prior conditions, lifestyle factors, gender and context all play a role. It is absolutely vital that the bigger picture be looked at to really understand pain and know the best course of action moving forward.

“Chronic pain ~ no matter how long, you can learn to change your pain and live a life

The vast majority of people who come to see me have a long story of pain. Always in months and often in years, the tale usually involves a life that is dominated by pain. Often many doctors and therapists have already been consulted but the outcome has been disappointing, further lowering expectations.

A simple rule in life that we all know is that what we focus on, we get more of. This is why our main focus with the Pain Coach Programme is on living well. If you are increasingly living well, the reasons for your pain that we address, fade as you concentrate on what is important to you. Well-being is a word often used, however there are a number of skills that we must practice in order to achieve this state.

These skills play a major role in the programme together with specific exercises, and a range of practices that all maintain your course towards your desired outcome. You create new habits that you measure so you can feel and experience success along the way to your vision of how you want to be.

The strong foundation of understanding your pain means that you are able to practice the skills and training with growing confidence whilst living your life. In fact, you don’t wait for the pain to ease before getting back to living, you use living to overcome your pain. I will show you how as we work together to achieve your success.

You have amazing strengths, you have amazing potential! Let’s tap into it so that you achieve results through your commitment to practice each day, with new healthy habits.

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