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Thanks to these patients who have kindly written testimonials:

Back to running after a couple of weeks after struggling with plantar fasciitis for a year

Richmond Stace really helped me and more importantly empowered me to get out of a hole! His holistic approach, with no stone left unturned, got me to see clearly where I was and provided me with the tool box not only to get fit again but hopefully to stay healthy. I’d had a year of plantar fasciitis and other on-going chronic injuries before I turned to Richmond. With a range of mental and physical techniques, he helped me to heal and get back on track with my running. We worked really hard at integrating a support system of exercises into my daily life that underpin my running and give me the confidence and strength to run long and hard again. If you’re looking for a slightly different approach from the norm that really does work – look no further!

Paul Cheetham

European Masters Marathon Champion (M45) 2017

World Masters Half Marathon: Team Champion (M45) 2019

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your interest and patience over the past 9 sessions regarding my shoulder pain.

As you know this has been at the forefront of my mind for nearly 9 months and now after your sessions I hardly think of it. But I do keep thinking of all the phrases you have taught me about pain control and management. I think the breakthrough for me was you encouraging me back into my normal health and exercise routines with my daily warm up exercises and encouraging me back to the gym which I adored but hadn’t touched since last year. I now go regularly twice a week and shall be going again today in a couple of hours. Motion is definitely lotion.

Christopher, London 2020

Dear Richmond,

I  had to send this e mail as I wanted to personally thank you for helping me through a couple of very painful and anxious periods, one four years ago and one just a few weeks ago. Not thinking either time I would come through.
Your kindness and ability to understand exactly how I was feeling both times and your amazing advice and useful tips helped me enormously.
You have professionalism, patience and a jolly good sense of humour that allowed me to totally relax and share my difficulties so easily.  Even having a tear or two and a few laughs.
Your useful on going tips by e mails and always being on hand to send an
e mail to, kept me very confident in my progress.
I would recommend you to anyone struggling without hesitation.
So thank you again so much for “seeing me right”.
Ellayne (2020)

Back to running without fear

Last year I was in constant pain with my lower back and after 3 rounds of steroid injections, I was lost where to go next. Thankfully I got referred to see Richmond. Its been a refreshing approach to my pain and after 4 months I’m now looking at my pain in a completely different way. I’m back to running and not fearing exercise for the first time in 18 months. It’s been a life changing experience.
Sophie, 27

Back to exercising after more than 2 years of knee pain

I had injured my knee playing netball and scans indicated damage to ligaments but repairable without operation. After what became nearly two years of NHS and then private physio and more consultants, I was suffering great pain still in my knee and unable to exercise. Later scans couldn’t identify any damage and I couldn’t obtain and answer on why I was feeling constant pain.

The pain was affecting me physically (I was unable to undertake many of my usual exercises at the gym and I couldn’t play netball), even just walking I could feel the pain. It was also affecting me mentally in that I was so frustrated I couldn’t exercise, couldn’t get any answers as to what I was feeling and couldn’t get myself better. I tried everything with the physio and bought a machine to try and engage muscles in isolation that I was unable to engage through exercises when others would be able to. Nothing worked.

My physio said there was nothing else she could do to help and suggested that I see either the pain management team (putting me on medication to ease pain which I didn’t feel was right) or see Richmond. In all honesty, I’m not someone who usually buys into the concepts that Richmond initially discussed with me, and would be very sceptical that such a pain could be anything other than physical damage that still existed. However, I forced myself to give it a go as I had tried everything else and it was really my last resort.

I tried to tell myself that I wasn’t injured and I did the exercises that Richmond discussed with me. Having a professional tell me to try running on the treadmill just for a minute or two after a while gave me  the confidence to do that when I would have been too scared to have done that before. As soon as I started to do that it was a quick spiral where I learned even if I felt slight pain then, it wasn’t any worse the next day. The pain then subsidised each time and my confidence was building quickly.

It only took me three sessions (quite spaced out and with contact with Richmond over email) to put on me in a position I was confident enough to take it forwards on my own.

I am now back to exercising as I wish – impact sport and running. I am confident and happy. I am very grateful for the help Richmond provided and I feel as though I would have been stuck in that rut for a long time otherwise. Although I was sceptical initially, I was quickly proven wrong and it was an invaluable experience.

AM, London 2019

More hopeful and more energy ~ fibromyalgia

The Pain Coaching with Richmond has helped me to identify and focus my attention on the most important things in my life, introduce structure to my routines and take steps towards my goals and build my confidence. Definitely I can say that I feel more hopeful and I have more energy to invest in what matters most for me in life.

I follow the exercise programme learned during the treatment, and use practices such as mindfulness, breathing, gratitude, pursuing my purpose and more. As a results, I learned to shift my attention and focus on something more meaningful and enjoyable for myself rather than on my limitations. The Pain Coaching enabled me to get in tune with my body and the sensations, be more focused and physically active.

AT, London 2018

Repetitive strain injury and low back pain

Richmond is simply the best. He has treated me for a repetitive arm strain injury, as well as lower back pain, with what is almost miraculous efficacy. He has a friendly, approachable manner, and his methods really do work. He uses a combination of physical therapy, integrated with more general life-improving techniques, which are incredibly powerful, long-term ways of making pain disappear. I highly recommend him.

MC, Chiswick, London 2018

I thank you very much for being my mental and physical doctor and teacher. I have learnt so much from you things I will use to start my new life and continue strong on this new path. I do not feel like the same person I was before I fell sick, I feel like a totally different person and you are part of the reason the changes occurred in me so I am extremely grateful for everything.
MK August 2017

Back to sport after 6 years of debilitating knee pain

For 6 years I went through debilitating knee pain that led to me giving up every sport that I enjoyed and eventually resulted in me missing work and avoiding social events. Despite being less active, the more I changed my routine the worse the pain became.

Having seen multiple physios, osteos, podiatrists and doctors it became obvious that there was no simple exercise plan, soft tissue work or operation that could cure the pain, and medication caused a host of other problems. I reached a point where it felt like there was nobody who could help.

Finding Richmond six months ago was the start of a journey that has gotten me back doing the things I love and most importantly, feeling myself, something which I didn’t think would be possible.

Pain no longer defines who I am. I’m back to playing sports and living my life in the way that I want to. While flare ups still happen from time to time, I’m now equipped with the skills and understanding to deal with them.

Shane Alexander – London

Back to writing after a post-traumatic dystonia

Olivia was just 17 in January 2016 when she was diagnosed with viral meningitis and a tumour deep in her brain and in March she took a ball to the head in a lacrosse match which resulted in her having a stroke. She was immediately thrombolised and spent 5 days on an acute stroke ward.

As a result of the stroke, she was diagnosed with post traumatic dystonia and we were referred to Richmond by Dr Marie Helene Marion in September. Olivia’s right hand would totally freeze, sometimes for hours or days, with the longest being for 2 months. The stress of being 17 and in the middle of university applications and big exams whilst being unable to write was huge.

We came to see Richmond weekly and he helped her enormously with not only coping with the stress levels but the total rehabilitation of her hand and how to retrain her brain in to making her hand move again . The big breakthrough came after a few weeks when her fingers started to twitch and move again and she worked very hard on all the exercises that Richmond gave her to do to re-associate her brain to her hand and to love it again. She re-learnt how to hold a pen and how to write and every week her writing would get smaller and neater and it is now totally back to normal.

It has been a very scary year for her but Richmond has always been very calming, explaining everything clearly and teaching her how to cope and how to improve. We found him to be extremely kind and compassionate and there are not many people who could make a scared teenager feel totally at ease from the first meeting, so positive, encouraging and always at the end of an email if we had a query.

I can’t thank Richmond enough for everything that he did for Olivia  – and for me! He has restored her confidence and has taught her good coping strategies for the future. Her hand is now fully functioning, she aced her exams, passed her driving test and has got amazing offers from top universities – all things that 6 months ago looked impossible to achieve with the dystonia.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Richmond – a nicer man you could not meet.

Liz and Olivia M

Sleeping and active again after years of stubborn pain

After several years of stubborn residual post-surgery hip-pain, Richmond and his infinite calm, patience and interest helped me to within weeks be able to get out of a chair without any pain. From there it went up and onward, with all pains disappearing within months. I’m now able to do my yoga, long walks, tap-dancing and lots of running around without any pains at all. And the best of all – I can sleep through the night without waking up due to the pain! Thank you!

Cecilia W

Overcoming knee pain and learning skills for life

I first saw Richmond in December 2015 in regards to a chronic pain in my knee that I had been suffering from for 8 months. I had seen various physios and had been on an extensive course of rehab but was in almost constant pain and unable to carry out many of the everyday activities I so wished let alone play sport or, as a 22 year old, go on nights out at University. I knew from my very first meeting with Richmond that I would be able to overcome my pain. He explained the concept of pain to me like no one had done before. I saw Richmond once a week for a month and in that time I went from having constant pain to being able to run with no pain at all. Two months later and I was running six miles every other day and as I write this in May I have had no pain since.

I also worked with Richmond in regards to on-going digestive issues and chronic pain in my abdominal area. Having not eaten gluten, dairy or alcohol for three years, Richmond gave me the belief that through controlling my thoughts and using the mind/body connection I would be able to do so. I am now eating and drinking what and when I want.

I can’t thank or recommend Richmond enough for what he has done for me. Not only has he helped me overcome obstacles which seemed to high to climb at the time, but he has taught me truly invaluable lessons which I will use for the rest of my life.

JD, May 2016

“I had multiple problems in my hips and legs, a physiotherapist had told me, and demonstrated how painful treatment would be. Then I heard about Richmond Stace, ‘not painful, very gentle’ they said. I am still astonished at the healing that I received through the most gentle of treatments. I do, of course, keep exercised and movement, which is essential always, but particularly at the age of 81”. MP, 2016

“In October 2012 my mother, a fit and well 65 year old endured a totally avoidable amputation of her right leg, due to medical negligence.

A large part of my mothers subsequent rehabilitation was spent under the care of Richmond Stace, alongside a team of other experts. Richmond’s approach in particular was quite unique, in a word it is “educational”, a form of training the mind, which helps the patient to better understand pain and especially “their” pain and how to manage that pain.

I found Richmond to be plain speaking, hands on and his attention to detail, in my view was second to none. Richmond sets an individually tailored pace from the outset which he carefully manages. I observed how he skilfully got my mother’s “buy in” and established a simple, easy to follow treatment plan. After a number of sessions, the change in my mother was remarkable, she was rejuvenated, focused and able to deploy skills taught by Richmond to help combat her pain and whilst there were and still are “bad days”, my mother is far better equipped in overcoming such days. Richmond has taught my mother life long skills and his ability to make a strong and warm connection on a very human level is plain for all to see.

Lastly, apart from being a wonderful and caring human being who still texts or emails me – simply to ask how my mother is doing, Richmond is a consummate professional and someone I would have no hesitation to call upon should the need arise in the future”.

Mr A Chowdhery | Chigwell, Essex

“I injured both my wrists through repetitive typing in early 2014. They became so bad that I was unable to write or use the computer. After seeing a series of doctors and physiotherapists who were unable to help, I was fortunate to find Richmond Stace. In the first session, we discussed my situation and I was immediately struck that he seemed to understand my case in a way that others I had consulted had failed to do. His programme of rehabilitation meant that I could type again after about six weeks and, 18 months on, I feel that I am effectively back to normal again. I am delighted at what has been possible and am extremely grateful for what Richmond has done for me.”

“I was 10 years old when i fell off a trampoline and damaged the nerves in my ankle. After about 3 months of physio with Mr Richmond Stace however i am able to get back to my normal life and now know all about what happened and how to prevent it happening again”. Katrine, aged 10

When treating a child you almost have two patients – the child in pain and the parent who faces an uncertain time not knowing what to do for the best. I would like to thank you for making a difficult time in our lives easier. During Katrine’s treatments you were supportive and upbeat, even when either Katrine or myself weren’t. You made her feel comfortable coming to the sessions so she was able to relax and felt safe. Even when you were pushing her out of her, pain imposed, comfort zone she trusted you and was able to move forward with the exercises. Now if she experiences pain again we have the tools we need to deal with it and know that pain is temporary and a bit more about the relationship between pain and the brain.

It is great to see her totally pain free now and able to be an active happy 10 year old again. Esther (Katrine’s mum) September 2015

‘With your understanding, patience, kindness, compassion, gentle touch and strategies, you have managed to drag me out of a deep, deep hole of pain’.

JS – Nov 2014

‘Following a wrist fracture & fixing from an RTA, I developed CRPS and got a referral to Richmond after a regular / non-pain specialised physiotherapist didn’t work out. Richmond’s handling of the injury, assistance in helping me understand CRPS and physical treatment all helped me on a road to recovery. His positivity always meant that I left sessions knowing that full health would return’.

West Sussex

‘Richmond Stace’s treatment covers so much more than just physiotherapy. It’s a Iife changing way of thinking’

‘Richmond’s treatment is clever in conception yet simple to put in to practice’


‘Richmond has given me my life back and has given me hope for the future where I had none’


‘His treatment has enabled me to get my self esteem, self respect and confidence back’

ML – Reading


‘My 12 year old daughter had been suffering with heel pain for 14 weeks and although we had seen an NHS physio we were no further forward, in fact her condition had deteriorated and she had been put on crouches!!I found the clinic after doing my own research and never looked back, in a relative short few sessions her condition improved and her sporty lifestyle could resume. Money well spent and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again’


‘I first came to see Richmond after a number of unproductive visits to various specialists in London. I had been experiencing severe pain in my neck and back, and down the right side of my body which had progressively developed over the last 2 years. I could not experience any relief without taking handfuls of painkillers, and Richmond turned this situation around. He taught me ways in which to manage the pain in an effective manner, and also how to manage the root causes of the pain. The pain has greatly reduced due to the exercises in our sessions, and I will continue to use the techniques he taught me. I am now back at the gym, and I feel far more in control of my back and the pain than before. I highly recommend Richmond, the way he conducts the sessions and his careful understanding of the pain when it greatly affect your well-being. He is positive and sympathetic, two qualities which I have found are rare amongst other specialists’.

CK- London

‘I have used the Specialist Pain Physio several times, for rehabilitation after cycling accidents or skiing injuries, as well as for management of a longer term sciatic back pain. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The approach to pain management is primarily through physio, but excersises, and a holistic approach have resulted in long-term results.’

EF – London

‘Richmond’s approach has always been thorough, professional and extremely supportive, giving great advice and successful physio treatment right from my initial assessment and throughout my post-operative rehabilitation. I’ve recently had a second operation and will be seeing him again to help me with my rehab’

Bev Harrison, Twickenham

‘I would like to say how grateful I am to Richmond for the treatment I received recently by way of physiotherapy and pain relieving exercises. I had the misfortune to fracture my shoulder whilst on holiday last June and I needed to have physio treatment straight away. Richmond helped me all the way through the treatment and I ended up having keyhole surgery and was in considerable discomfort. He again helped me with advise on pain control and exercises as well as physiotherapy. I am pleased to say I have regained full use of my arm and all the pain has gone.’

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