Physiotherapy London

1. To offer the earliest available appointment at a convenient location to you.

2. To provide a thorough assessment, explanation of the findings and outline the proposed treatment programme—if onward referral or investigations are required, we will recommend the relevant specialist and facilitate the appointment.

3. To provide a contemporary and innovative treatment approach that is based upon the latest neurosciences and understanding of pain—incorporating body, brain & mind.

4. To provide a client-centred programme of care that addresses the individual requirements, expectations and goals—you and your needs are at the centre of the treatment programme.

5. To provide a therapeutic journey that maximises your potential for recovery.

6. To communicate with you every step of the way–we do this face to face, by phone, email and text.

7. Ultimately to provide you with the best service and care that eases you through your therapeutic journey.

8. To be up-to-date with the latest research and thinking in pain in order to provide the latest treatments.

9. To provide a network of the very best specialists in the case that you need referral.

10. To enjoy our work with you so that you receive the best from us.

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