Richmond Stace MCSP MSc (Pain) BSc (Hons)


Thanks to these patients who have kindly written testimonials.

‘With your understanding, patience, kindness, compassion, gentle touch and strategies, you have managed to drag me out of a deep, deep hole of pain’.

JS – Nov 2014

‘Following a wrist fracture & fixing from an RTA, I developed CRPS and got a referral to Richmond after a regular / non-pain specialised physiotherapist didn’t work out. Richmond’s handling of the injury, assistance in helping me understand CRPS and physical treatment all helped me on a road to recovery. His positivity always meant that I left sessions knowing that full health would return’.

MP – West Sussex

‘Richmond Stace’s treatment covers so much more than just physiotherapy. It’s a Iife changing way of thinking’

‘Richmond’s treatment is clever in conception yet simple to put in to practice’


‘Richmond has given me my life back and has given me hope for the future where I had none’


‘His treatment has enabled me to get my self esteem, self respect and confidence back’

ML – Reading


‘My 12 year old daughter had been suffering with heel pain for 14 weeks and although we had seen an NHS physio we were no further forward, in fact her condition had deteriorated and she had been put on crouches!!I found the clinic after doing my own research and never looked back, in a relative short few sessions her condition improved and her sporty lifestyle could resume. Money well spent and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again’


‘I first came to see Richmond after a number of unproductive visits to various specialists in London. I had been experiencing severe pain in my neck and back, and down the right side of my body which had progressively developed over the last 2 years. I could not experience any relief without taking handfuls of painkillers, and Richmond turned this situation around. He taught me ways in which to manage the pain in an effective manner, and also how to manage the root causes of the pain. The pain has greatly reduced due to the exercises in our sessions, and I will continue to use the techniques he taught me. I am now back at the gym, and I feel far more in control of my back and the pain than before. I highly recommend Richmond, the way he conducts the sessions and his careful understanding of the pain when it greatly affect your well-being. He is positive and sympathetic, two qualities which I have found are rare amongst other specialists’.

CK- London

‘I have used the Specialist Pain Physio several times, for rehabilitation after cycling accidents or skiing injuries, as well as for management of a longer term sciatic back pain. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The approach to pain management is primarily through physio, but excersises, and a holistic approach have resulted in long-term results.’

EF – London

‘Richmond’s approach has always been thorough, professional and extremely supportive, giving great advice and successful physio treatment right from my initial assessment and throughout my post-operative rehabilitation. I’ve recently had a second operation and will be seeing him again to help me with my rehab’

Bev Harrison, Twickenham

‘I would like to say how grateful I am to Richmond for the treatment I received recently by way of physiotherapy and pain relieving exercises. I had the misfortune to fracture my shoulder whilst on holiday last June and I needed to have physio treatment straight away. Richmond helped me all the way through the treatment and I ended up having keyhole surgery and was in considerable discomfort. He again helped me with advise on pain control and exercises as well as physiotherapy. I am pleased to say I have regained full use of my arm and all the pain has gone.’

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