A quick word on… ‘checking in’

‘Checking in’ is a simple task that involves a brief self-monitoring of how one is feeling physically and mentally. This can be useful before starting exercise as a way of identifying the mindset and energy levels. From here, the programme can be modified as required so that exercise can be taken at an appropriate level.

If the mindset is negative or fixed, checking-in provides an opportunity to work upon changing such a mindset. Sometimes the mindset is created by a deeper set of beliefs that need more focused work to effect change.

Physically, a poor nights sleep, fatigue, accumulation of activity, a long period of sitting and tension from underlying stress and anxiety can also be identified during the check-in. From here, the outcome of the exercise can be assessed accurately.

Performance of exercises and the body responses vary just as it does on the sports field and at work. Our physical and mental state at any given time will affect our performance. Having a strategy to see where you are will provide a learning opportunity and a way of understanding how and why you are performing at that moment. It is simple, and all those who I suggest this technique to report that it is very useful. Start right away – check-in and see what you are thinking, why you are thinking it, how you are feeling and what could underpin the sensations.

Keep following for more ‘quick words’.

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