10 reasons why I run

There are many, but here are 10 reasons why I run ultramarathons:

1. Day to day clarity of thought.

2. To be and feel fit.

3. To build on the attitude of ‘I can’.

4. To explore my edges and experience the raw emotions of the pain cave and keep going some more.

5. The atmosphere of support within the ultrarunning community.

6. To pursue a positive purpose >> #upandrun project for Understand Pain

7. To build resilience.

8. To learn how to face challenges as they arise so I can learn and move on.

9. To show my kids what is possible; they are not that interested at the moment; why would you run that far, they ask 🙂

10. Because I can. And I’m grateful for that.

A list like this can suggest that the physical and psychological benefits reside in silos. Of course they do not. We have a whole experience of ourselves in the world. That’s our reality. A coming together of action, perception and cognition that is the lived experience.

A list like this fails to capture the raw emotions of ultrarunning. Although I’m not sure that there are words that really describe the journey and why it is truly awesome. That won’t stop me trying though. More to come.


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