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Welcome to The Pain Coach Programme

Are you suffering chronic pain or injury? Does your pain persist despite trying different treatments? Is your life disrupted and limited by pain? Are you unable to do the things you love? Do you feel disconnected?
The Pain Coach Programme has been designed to give you the practical knowledge and tools, coaching and treatment to understand your pain and move on to live a fulfilling life.
From the outset we focus on how you want to live your life, doing the things you want to do and the positive steps to take each day to achieve results.

The 3 principles:

1. Understand your pain
2. Treat your pain
3. Build your wellness

“Richmond Stace is my go-to clinician for any person in pain, and he’s completely re-shaped the way I think about pain as a Doctor. He’s guided the recovery and empowerment of so many of my patients who’ve trapped for years by the way that their pain had made them think, feel and move.  The most amazing part is that it’s all based on awesome science – yet he makes the process so ‘human’. He’s an inspiring speaker and coach, and a day spent learning from him is likely the be the best day of education you’ll ever have.” Dr Cath Spencer-Smith

“RICHMOND STACE  – THE PAIN WHISPERER: I can’t speak highly enough of Richmond. When I came to see him, I had been in extreme pain for nearly a year and a half, was taking high dose Opiates and neuropathic pain medication, and was unable to sit down, due to a mysterious ‘pain in the arse’ – literally! Like a lot people, Richmond was my last port of call, having seen a number of different osteopaths, physiotherapists and pain doctors, even consulting with an eminent American pain specialist, but nothing had worked and I was beginning to feel depressed and despondent.  Through a strange sequence of events, an Australian physiotherapist, working in China, recommended Richmond – such is his reputation. And well deserved it is. He is sensitive, non-judgmental, caring, takes you seriously and is a bit of a magician!  Within a few sessions I was able to come off my medication, sit down and forget about my bum! I had to put my cynicism aside, as a lot of what helped was the ‘hippy sh*t’, but it’s all backed up with fascinating science and I will tell anyone who will listen, they don’t need to be in pain and Richmond should be their first port of call.” LZ, London 2019

“Finding Richmond six months ago was the start of a journey that has gotten me back doing the things I love and most importantly, feeling myself, something which I didn’t think would be possible.” SA, 2018

“I can’t thank Richmond enough for everything that he did for Olivia  – and for me! He has restored her confidence and has taught her good coping strategies for the future. Her hand is now fully functioning, she aced her exams, passed her driving test and has got amazing offers from top universities – all things that 6 months ago looked impossible to achieve with the dystonia.” LM, 2016

Sanjay’s story of overcoming pudendal neuralgia and getting back to cycling

A journey from Africa

What do other patients say about their experiences >> here

To book, please call Jo on +447518 445493 or email: [email protected]Skype Pain Coaching ~ UK & worldwide

Cervical & focal dystonia ~ The Dystonia Clinic in London & Surrey 

Pain Coaching for Clinicians | Mentoring | Case Managers & Medicolegal 

Richmond Stace, Specialist Pain Physio & Pain Coach ~ my purpose is to encourage and enable you to live your best life

Pain Coaching to overcome chronic pain by living

I am here to help you both understand your pain and give you the knowledge, skills and treatment to manage and overcome pain so that you can live your best life.

The Pain Coach Programme ~ a focus on the best of you

We establish and clarify the reasons for your pain, before following a complete treatment and coaching programme to overcome your pain together with building your wellness. The aim of the programme is for you to create lasting change and achieve your best results following clear principles and a purpose that you define.

You can choose from three clinic locations (132 Harley Street, The Chelsea Consulting Rooms and New Malden Diagnostics Centre) or arrange home visits. Pain Coaching can also be done over Skype and Zoom for patients across the UK and globe.

Call Jo to make your booking >> 07518 445493

What do we treat?

The Pain Coach Programme is designed for you to overcome your pain by living and building wellness. The goal is always to reduce your suffering.

Common conditions include:

Back pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), migraine, headaches, fibromyalgia, dystonia, joint hypermobility syndrome, repetitive strain injury, women in pain, vulvodynia, neck pain, unexplained pain, chronic pain, persistent pain, post-surgical pain, widespread pain, headaches, migraines, arthritis — in essence, any conditions that are painful, cause suffering and persist.

Why coaching to treat pain?

Richmond Stace is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in treating and coaching people to manage and overcome their pain.

My purpose is to improve the world by reducing the suffering caused by chronic pain, measured by people living their best lives. My vision is a world that understands pain, which would mean less suffering and more living.

You can read about Richmond and his work here and listen here

Pain Coach & Understand Pain Events

Click here to see the upcoming events ~ talks and workshops

Who comes for treatment? Read here

Everyone has great potential for sustained change. Learn to use your strengths and natural resources, practice the skills of well-being and create new and healthy habits that enable this change to overcome pain.

UP >> Understand Pain social enterprise

When you come to the clinics you are supporting the work of Understand Pain, a social enterprise with a vision of a better world in which we understand pain and know what we can do to reduce suffering. A proportion of the fees from each session go towards positive work to change pain, the No1 global health burden, in society ~ read here

The main project at the moment is #upandrun that combines Richmond’s ultramarathons with UP workshops to deliver the right messages into the heart of society.

Live a fulfilling life once more.

Call us to start your programme 07518 445493 or email [email protected]

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